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Dew Drops - Original

$42.00 AUD

Specially formulated for oily & acne prone skin, our original Dew Drops will reduce the oil slick and banish your breakouts. Dew Drops contain all the nutrients your skin needs on a daily basis to keep your skin plump, healthy & clear without the need for any other products. This one magical little bottle replaces everything including toner, eye cream, serums, moisturiser, primer and everything in between. This product will continually improve your skin each day you use it and the glow up will continue over time. Acne & breakouts will be a thing of the past, we're so confident we guarantee it 

product size 30mls & will last 6-8 weeks when used twice daily 

6 HERO Ingredients & nothing more:  

Organic Hemp Oil: the skin food. 0% comedogenic rating, the best of the best. That means no clogged pores! High in omega 3, 6, 9 to regenerate, anti inflammatory & highly soothing, balances oily & dry skin

Organic Carrot Seed Oil: the resurfacer.  rich in carotenoids known for anti ageing, lightens skin aka great for pigmentation & blemish scars, natural SPF, brightens & rejuvenates skin

Lavender Pure Essential Oil: the all rounder over achiever. penetrates pores & kills bacteria, prevents & heals breakouts, calming, reduces redness & inflammation

Frankincense Pure Essential Oil: the fountain of youth. known for anti ageing, tones & firms skin, fades & reduces scarring

Neroli Essential Oil: the all rounder. this beautiful oil is produced from the leaves of the bitter orange tree & is our favourite scent of all the oils in SOS, but that's not why she's here. it's a natural astringent to help oil production, fantastic for sensitive skins to soothe and calm inflammation & irritation, will fight acne causing bacteria & will assist in scar healing 

Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil : the anti acne hero. prevent & reduce acne, soothe inflammation, natural antiseptic

 [ note: the low scent formula is soon to merge & become the original formula as this has proven to be the favorite of the two]

Our low scent formula is an evolution of the original, created for those who dont like a strong earthy scent. It has the same formula & ingredients however we've sourced these same ingredients from different regions depending where the softest scented oil is. The result is a more subtle scented version of the original formula  

*we still recommend using an SPF during the day to prevent sun damage

For more info on how to correctly use your products check out our IGTV Videos ↡ 



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Chloe C.
Australia Australia

LOVE these products. Was a bit nervous putting oil on my already very oily skin but it's honestly THE BEST. Now rockin' up to work make up free and loving it!

Jessica H.
Australia Australia

These drops are absolutely beautiful! They leave my face feeling dewy and soft but not oily. I haven’t had a proper breakout since I started using these. Totally worth the money especially since it has cut down my face routine from 6 products per night to just 2. Thankyou so much Supple Skin xx

Australia Australia

Oof, where do I start? I’ve been using skincare products since I was 13, and now I’m 18, so I thought I’d seen the best of it. I have really sensitive and acne prone skin and these drops are absolute perfection for me, seriously. I mean I’ve only been using them for 4 days and the red spots on my chin and forehead are gone! No joke, I’m kind of shook because this really makes my skin look radiant! Must have!!

Leanne B.
Australia Australia
Dew drops original

I love this product won’t stop using .

victoria g.
United States United States
Amazing product

It was highly recommended from a nurse at my mothers cancer hospital . . The nurse could not stop singing the praises of your product . my mom asked me to order it , and I did for all of us. We have been using it for about a month now ...And even after my mother’s cancer surgery , her skin looks better than ever. Seriously !! I think everyone on the floor of the Norris cancer center in LA is using your product!!!!! Love love love it .

Natasha H.
Australia Australia
Love these magical drops in

Love these magical dew drops . ❤️

A Supple Skin Co  Customer
Bianca B.
Australia Australia
Happier Skin

I love these drops! I wouldn't go as far as to say they're the miracle worker they've been advertised as - I don't think everyone can be expecting 100% flawless skin without a single spot in sight. I still get pimples and breakouts but what I will say is that overall everything is far more tame and manageable. Nothing ever gets as bad as it used to and breakouts heal much faster. For already healthy skin it gives a wonderful glow and a deep, nourishing moisturise. I also often get eczema on my face and have super sensitive eyes and eyelids. I can very safely use this on parts of my skin that I normally wouldn't dare. It's definitely helped to reduce allergy outbreaks on my face. I was also really happy with how well this soaks into the pores. A lot of oils (e.g. rosehip) tend to sit on the surface on the skin and leave an oily residue but the dew drops soak in well within 5-10 mins (faster if you spend more time rubbing them in). Absolutely love all the ingredients for this product and having a bit less plastic packaging is always a win! On my second bottle and will continue to support this beautiful product.

Dana R.
Australia Australia
Still Hopeful

I saw this advertised all on my instagram ad’s and as someone who has suffered with sensitive skin and cystic acne I thought I would give it a try. It has been 1 month of use now and while the top half of my face and cheeks are now lovely, clear + glowing, my chin is still a mess. It did the week two of purging which I expected but then my chin is still disappointingly terrible. I do love the product though and have faith, I just repurchased my next bottle as well as the SOS roll-on to see if they may help. I also agree with other reviews that it definitely lessened the darkness of my under eyes!