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SAVE OUR SKIN Spot Treatment 

We created this spot treatment to target those stubborn breakouts that need an extra budge and we formulated it with the absolute best earth born ingredients on the planet. Every precious drop in this bottle is there for a purpose and we've spared no expense in ensuring your skin is getting the best spot treatment available.

We wanted to make sure we don’t dry out or dehydrate the skin like most spot treatments on the market. Our goal is to always heal, nourish & repair the skin naturally with a focus on long term skin health. 

This product is small but MIGHTY. It will last 6+ months depending on usage, a little goes a very long way. A great little product to have in your skincare Arsenal for those breakout emergencies 


8 Hero Ingredients & nothing more:

• Frankincense Organic Essential Oil: the fountain of youth. known for anti ageing, this oil tones & firms skin, fades & reduces scarring and will relax & calm skin inflammations   

Lemongrass Organic Essential Oil: the pore refiner & bacteria banisher this little super hero not only smells divine its actually one of the best acne fighters out there. best known for refining, toning & keeping those pores clean, killing acne causing bacteria & reducing inflammation therefore lessening the breakout duration    

Rosemary Organic Essential Oil: the soother this fragrant oil usually known for its use in the kitchen is an unsung hero. it will reduce pain & soothe the soreness associated with breakouts & cystic acne, while also backing up Lemongrass in killing bacteria. it's also going to reduce red puffy skin from those fresh bumps    

Organic Hemp Seed Oil: the skin food. our favourite oil is going to keep your skin healthy & nourished while combating those problem areas. 0% comedogenic rating, the best of the best. That means no clogged pores! High in omega 3, 6, 9 to regenerate, anti inflammatory & highly soothing, balances oily & dry skin

Neroli Essential Oil: the all rounder. this beautiful oil is produced from the leaves of the bitter orange tree & is our favourite scent of all the oils in SOS, but that's not why she's here. it's a natural astringent to help oil production, fantastic for sensitive skins to soothe and calm inflammation & irritation, will fight acne causing bacteria & will assist in scar healing 

Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil:  the anti acne hero. prevents & reduces acne, soothes inflammation & is a natural antiseptic so it was a natural addition 

Helichrysum Essential Oil: the wound healer this golden oil has long been the master of healing scarring & wounds. it is literally liquid gold, and has the price tag to prove it. we've added this to our formula for its ability to help the skin recover faster while greatly improving the skin condition and scar healing properties   

Blue Tansy Essential Oil:  the holy hue this striking blue oil has an unparalleled ability to bring peace to troubled skin. it will settle irritated aggravated skin like no other and reduce inflammation in the skin at a cellular level 

How to use me  

Cleanse the skin & apply Dew Drops like normal.  Roll your SOS sparingly onto problem areas and massage into the area until absorbed. Approx. 10-15 seconds will do it. It will still feel dewy but that’s ok 👌🏻 

always patch test prior to use for sensitivity & allergies. avoid use while pregnant & breastfeeding. avoid eye contact. external use only.

store in cool dark place 


*please note this product is not covered under our 30 day money back guarantee as this is an ongoing use product specifically for direct spot usage. Our 30 day money back guarantee applies to products that are to be used consistently daily for 30 days for best results 


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Veronica .
Australia Australia
This actually works!

I'm in my late 20s and have had breakouts since I was 12! I have tried EVERYTHING from harsh pills, dermatologists and spent all the money on expensive cleansers, toners and peels, but none of them worked! I am a convert to all things supple, I have been using the cleanser and the dew drops now for about four months total, and I saw significant improvements to my overall situation, however adding this SOS roller oil before the dew drops is a GAME CHANGER! My spots almost disappear overnight!! It makes applying makeup better as there isn't huge cysts underneath, and my skin is looking the best it's ever been! Thank you for these amazing products, they all smell amazing individually, but the SOS smell is definitely my favourite!

Cassie M.
Australia Australia

Cleared up my spots in a few days. Great stuff. Highly recommend this product.

Marti T.
Australia Australia
Holy Shitsies!!!!

In all my 37 years I've never found a better spot treatment for hormonal acne. And I've tried EVERYTHING. The smell is odd, but the payoff is so worth it. Massive cysts are gone in a day or two rather than lingering under the surface for a week and leaving horrible marks. To say I'm in love with this is NOT an understatement. A little goes a long way, be careful of the drips if you're trying to apply direct to your face with the bottle upturned. Thankyou so much for this guys!! It's out of this world!!

Adi J.
Australia Australia
SOS spot treatment

Definitely have seen my cystic acne clear up a lot quicker- within a day the spots have dried out and after two days cleared up. Usually my breakouts would be painful and swollen lasting around 7-10 days. A great little product!

Sarah M.
Australia Australia
Works unbelievably quickly

I don't get too many breakouts (I've been using the dew drops for well over a year, and the cleanser/brush for at least 6 months) but every now and then I get angry red pimples on my neck and jawline, usually when I'm run down or it's that time of the month. I've been really sick lately and FINALLY got to the post office to pick up my SOS. I used it on two swollen red pimples before bed and the next day they were flattened out and the redness was gone. It smells really nice too!

Broke T.
Australia Australia
love it

have only been using this product for a few weeks but have definitely seen great results for spot treatment! the smell is quite strong but you do get used to it and it is worth it for the results you get!

Patane, L.
Australia Australia
Love love this stuff

The sos is amazing, helps to clear spots in a couple of days. I just need more!

Erin R.
Australia Australia
It really is a SOS

The best spot treatment I have ever used! I love that it’s clear so you can wear it morning and night without having white dried up dots on your face. After massaging it in for a few nights the pimples were pretty much completely gone and I wasn’t left with bright red scars, very light and fading (even after squeezing the spot!) Not to mention the smell is AMAZING!