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We ♡ empties! 


Our glass bottles are total babes so we get it that you struggle to throw them out (we've seen the evidence of your stockpiles). We love seeing pics of how you repurpose them yourselves for travel size skincare bottles, mini herb vases, medicine & more, and you can also add to your recycling bin once you've given them a good wash. BUT, A long time dream of ours has been to have a bottle return service so we can repurpose your bottles. As a small business we had to ensure this could be done to benefit both sides so neither you nor us are out of pocket, and of course we have the correct facilities to properly clean, treat & sterilise bottles so they are as good as new. 

Introducing: Cash your trash

You can now return your glass bottles to us and cash them in for store credits. Each bottle that we are able to recycle for repurposing will = $1.50 back in your pocket. Returning your empties at this stage is at your own cost (another thing we're working towards changing as we grow) so for this reason we recommend stashing them until its financially viable to return them. Below are some super important factors for return in order to redeem your cash back: 
  • Inspect each bottle carefully. If there are any chips or cracks (please also check rim) we are unable to repurpose therefore they are ineligible for cash back 
  • Please clean your bottles with hot soapy water and allow to dry before sending back (they dont need to be perfect, they'll undergo their own 4 step pamper sesh here) 
  • You may dispose of your lid and dropper in your recycling bin as we use these fresh each time
  • Words/labels must be clear and legible without fading/scratches/marking to be eligible
  • When returning you must pack your babes with care. Please individually wrap to avoid breakage in transit and return well insulated in a box or bubble/tough bag. Use appropriate fill to avoid movement in transit (newspaper, crinkle paper etc. Eco friendly pretty please)
  • Include a note with your name, email address and contact details so we can organise your account credit once approved

When you're ready you can ship back your pre loves to the following address: 

Supple Skin Co

PO Box 193

Sanctuary Cove Q 4212