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Oily on Oily Skin? Actually yes

You wake up in the morning and your face looks like you could cook an egg on it. You need to blot your skin every other hour. You don't need highlighter because your face already beams... with sebum. 

Any of this sound familiar? We too know the feeling of trying to embrace the shine, but if you want to try & bring a bit more balance to your skin then hemp seed oil is your very best friend. Here are some fun facts about our holy grail ingredient: 


 That's skin science talk for it wont clog your pores. Hemp oil is one of the very few oils that isn't going to backup your pores because its rated 0 on the comedogenic scale. 0 being the lowest, 5 being the highest (meaning very pore clogging). To put it into context, coconut oil is 5 so has a high chance of clogging your pores, meaning congested skin and blackheads over time. Keep coconut oil for the hair and body, use hemp oil for the face. You're welcome 


Hemp seed oil’s fatty acid profile contains the perfect ratio of linoleic acid (omega-6s) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3s). Omega-6s and omega-3s are necessary components to improve the structure of the skin. These fatty acids were found in higher quantities in hemp seeds (what our oil is made from) than in seeds of other plants, proving the superiority of hemp seed oil for optimum skin health. Think of omega fats as your fountain of youth for plump bouncy well fed skin 


There is no other oil that balances sebum levels in the skin as expertly as hemp seed oil. Oily skin? We got you. Dry skin? We got you. Somewhere in the middle? We got you too. It just knows what you skin needs and it brings your skin up to balance.  Those who are acne prone with super oily skin tend to try and reduce oil by using 'anti acne' treatment products which will reduce sebum levels by dehydrating the skin. The problem with this is that your sebaceous glands create more sebum because it thinks your skin needs it, so drying the skin out is in fact counterintuitive to the cause and will create blocked pores, blackheads, an impaired barrier, oilier skin or dryer skin than ever (and neither are fun) and you've only got a short term fix with long term issues. Work on the core of the issue rather than a quick fix, and getting the balance of sebum levels right is usually a great place to start 

So in short, using the RIGHT oil on oily skin is no longer a big no no. It is in fact, a must. As someone who had oil slick skin my entire life and who has tried every anti acne anti oil product on the market, I can vouch that 3 years on and dozens of bottles of Dew Drops later, and balanced and acne free is a wonderful place to be