good for your skin, good for your health, good for the planet

We've always lived by the words above and this will always be important to us and be key pillars at the heart of Supple Skin Co. 

Our beautiful glass bottles serve a double purpose. To preserve the integrity of the product held within, and to reduce on plastic wastage with a material that can be reused, recycled and repurposed. Our Cash Your Trash program allows the return of your empties in exchange for credits that you can use to shop with, and where viable we safely and hygienically clean, treat and sterilise bottles so they are as good as new for repurposing. 

When it comes to product packaging we use 100% recyclable paper and cardboard. It is with intention that we do not over package when sending orders. We love a beautiful aesthetic unboxing as much as the next person, but this usually goes straight into the trash once open. We send all packages with minimal packaging and minimal printed material unless requested with the purchase of a gift box. 

We also ensure our manufacturers across the board cut out individual item product packaging.

Our raw ingredients are purchased from local farms and growers when available, and all ingredients are ethically sourced and cruelty free. We are incredibly proud that purpose over profit has always been a driving force for us. Purpose in results for our customers and purpose in ethics. 

Let's all remember : Beauty is an inside job xx