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Thanks for joining the Supple Skin Co family. We want to help you achieve your best skin yet and we hope to see you adopt our less is more philosophy and see that when you give your skin the right support and tools, it actually does a pretty great job of repairing and thriving without needing to overload it with an entire shelf full of products. 

We aren't your average skincare range, we don't use moisturiser at all and our Dew Drops may feel counter intuitive to some of you. Putting oil on oily skin? Replacing eye cream, serums and moisturiser with one product? We hear you and we ask that you have faith. We have seen what using our products for 30 days consistently has done for tens of thousands of customers around the globe, and many and all different skin types, so put your faith in us for 30 days and let's see what we can achieve together. By the end we'll be besties we're sure of it. 

So if this is your first time using our products here's what we want you to do:

        1. Start off slowly. You should really do this when introducing any new products to allow your skin to get used to them without going cold turkey on what it's known for so long. Start off using our products once a day, we like to start with night, and use your previous products the other time of day. Do this for 1-2 weeks depending how your skin settles into the new products 
        2. When using our products, use them as intended for best results. Don't add in extra serums or products between steps or after. Trust me, i've tried them all, in all the combos and all the brands (i'm still and will probably forever be a skincare addict at heart and those ads and new product hype sucker me in too) but in the end I still see best results when using just the 3 step routine of Fresh Face Enzyme Cleanser, Dewy Mineral Mist and Dew Drops. Nothing else. Except of course SPF during the day but that goes without saying right? If you are adamant you still have some die hard favourites that you cant bare to ditch, use them the opposite time of day but keep the Supple routine to the steps intended. 
        3. Always double cleanse your skin at night. Not doing this is like only shampooing your hair once, and we all know one wash is never enough. The first cleanse is to remove surface oils, pollution, sunscreen and makeup if you're wearing any, by the second cleanse your pores are softer and more open (literally) to having a good clean out. The second cleanse is where the blackhead prevention is happening so don't skip it. You don't need to double cleanse in the morning, just at night. 
        4. Our routine is more of a ritual. We like to think of it as forced 'me' time. When it comes to massaging in your Dew Drops, make sure you're spending a good 30-60 seconds of really massaging it in gentle little circular motions nice and deep into those pores. The massage is crucial to your results so don't rush it. Adding Dewy Mineral Mist in as a step between cleansing and Dew Drops and massaging the two of  them in together is going to take your results to another level and help the Dew Drops sink even deeper into those pores for better absorption and with added minerals and vitamins, so if you aren't using it we highly recommend it. Your skin will immediately feel more plump, bouncy and hydrated after this combo but ongoing results are just beautiful. 
        5. Once you've been using your Supple products for a good week or two and confident your skin is taking to it well you can ditch your other products and start using it twice a day. Soon you'll need to find other ways to fill your shelves 😝
        6. Don't be alarmed if you don't notice heather skin immediately or if you feel like your skin has a regression sometime around the first month (this could be noticeable if you're breakout prone around hormonal times of month). I personally went through this myself after weeks of feeling like I came across an absolute miracle product the way it cleared my skin almost immediately, then began breaking out a month later. For me this was my hormones and a change in skin cycle. Don't do anything drastic and change your routine, this is where a lot of people fall over when trying new skincare. The more you chop and change and try everything looking for that quick fix the more you're confusing your skin and could compromise the barrier, so stay consistent, keep doing what you've been doing and have faith. The exception to this rule is of course if your skin is having an adverse reaction to the product or doesn't agree with it (this is very rare). If you're unsure, reach out to us. We're here for you always babes. 
        7. Support your skin as best you can internally too. Taking care of the outside is just one part of the puzzle. There's also hormones which play a huge role and can be affected by poor sleep and too much stress, so make sure you get your beauty sleep and try and zen out on the reg when you're feeling stressed. And then there's diet and gut health, so: (1) Drink plenty of water to flush toxins and keep skin hydrated and youthful (2) Eat plenty of fresh fruit & green vegetables. You're literally eating for beauty by eating as many minerals and vitamins as you can for glowing skin (3) Eat plenty of omega fats. These support your skin function and balance hormones so it's win win (4) Take a fish oil supplement if you don't get enough omega fats in your diet, and a zinc supplement can be great if you suffer from breakouts but consult your Dr or Pharmacist for further advice 

And that's it. Fall in love with your products and find a renewed love for yourself and how beautiful you are too. If you need any help with anything along the way just reach out, we're never far away. The person you're talking to is also the creator of the brand so I can relate to skin struggles and going through the process of trying new products and looking for solutions. We would love to hear about your experience and if you're happy to share before & after pics with us they honestly make my day every time.

Enjoy your new ritual 

Candice xx