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B & A : Acne that takes a little longer to heal

B & A : Acne that takes a little longer to heal - Supple Skin Co

About 3 months ago I ordered the clear skin bundle after having seen so many before and after pictures that actually reminded me of my own skin (which rarely happens). The first month, not much happened. I got through a purge phase during week 3 and 4 and after that the changes began coming gradually. 

Fast forward, now 3 months later, and I’m feeling much better about my skin. I wanted the dew drops and cleanser to get the time they needed to work their magic and, to my surprise, my skin has improved tremendously. I haven’t used anything besides the clear skin bundle during this whole period. 

I used to get cystic, hormonal acne, especially around my mouth and chin and also on both cheeks. They were deep, painful and made cleaning my face not only physically painful but also emotionally. 

I have used every OTC-cream and cleanser, several prescription-creams containing things such as antibiotics and tretinoin and was about to start lymecycline (oral antibiotics) which basically kills all the bacteria in your whole body, including the good ones that you actually need!?! I decided against using those and instead gave dew drops a chance. 

I am so extremely grateful to Candice, the founder of Supple Skin Co, that she decided to share this liquid gold that literally works miracles and does things that modern medicine can’t seem to figure out.

I would like to add that this turned out to not be the perfect solution for my skin.  I most likely need to combine dew drops with a stronger peel to get rid of my congestion, but a 90% improvement is amazing nonetheless and in combination with the right products I have high hopes for clear skin in the future! Everyone is different and so is your skin, don’t stress if it takes you longer to clear up or if your purge lasts longer then what is told. Stick with it and there is a huge chance that you too will experience what a bunch of us already have experienced.

Acne is a b*tch and I will never be grateful for what it has put me through, but I sure am grateful for what it has taught me on the way. Remember, it is a journey and we learn things every step of the way. You are worthy of love and everything good in the world, with or without acne. Hope you too dare to take the dive and try dew drops before using things that are hurting you more than they are healing you.

Lots of love and luck from Sweden 🇸🇪 

Stay safe and remember to take of yourself! Treat yo self! 😉💕


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