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Toka Lab Matcha Collagen Elixir

$79.95 AUD $69.95 AUD

 Designed to support smooth, firm and hydrated skin, to stimulate the growth of healthy, lush and shiny hair follicles, and to create a healthy, happy gut. 

Each sachet contains the optimal dose of marine collagen peptides to revitalise the body from the inside out. 

Toka Labs collagen has been clinically proven to:

-Reduce wrinkles and promote firm youthful skin

-Increase skin hydration and elasticity

-Promote the growth of thick, luscious hair and stronger nails

-Aid in muscle retention

-Improve bone and joint health

Along with anti-ageing ingredients, also included are over one billion probiotic cultures in each sachet. These probiotics are globally renowned for their efficacy in treating digestive conditions and repopulating the gut with good bacteria. They're also heat resistant and stable in room temperatures, so no need to worry about dead cultures - they only use the best ingredients.

Toka Labs have 3x more active ingredients per serve than most beauty drinks. Included are 24 serves.