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If you're like me, you're here because you're sick of trying a multitude of products that just dont do what they promise (for me it was to heal and clear my very acne prone oily skin) and you want to keep it simple and go back to basics. It's also important to you that what you put on your skin isn't going to be harmful to your health or that of our beautiful planet.

Supple came about by chance. I ran out of one of my usual skin care products and I was given a sample of hemp seed oil about a month prior that was sitting under my bathroom sink.  I decided to research its beauty benefits and see if I could use it in the interim until I could get to the salon where I purchased my skincare products.

I was so impressed when I learned how incredible hemp seed oil is for the skin, especially oily skin. Most people would be shocked at the thought of putting oil on any skin, let alone oily skin. In most cases that would be correct, but as soon as I learnt that hemp oil has a comedogenic rating of 0, the lowest possible score available (on a scale of 0 meaning non pore clogging to 4 being the highest pore clogging) plus the fact that it's highly anti inflammatory and packed with omega fats which our skin loves, I knew I could put this on my skin. 

I combined it with my new found love of essential oils & formulated what I believed would be the best fit for my own skin. Then the magic happened. I woke up without an oil slick on my face. Amazing! But then the days followed and my breakouts cleared, and no new ones came, and then my pores became more refined, and clean! Bye bye blackheads, hello soft supple clear skin.

I had to test this out on other people and see if it was a fluke so I gave it to 10 of my friends to try, and they all became obsessed. Then I gave it to a heap of complete strangers I reached out to on social media and they too became obsessed! Ok, this wasn’t a fluke anymore and I knew I was onto something magical. They demanded more, the obsession was real and so I set about having my formula lab tested and formulated to ensure it was as safe & effective as I believed it to be.

The product that has now helped thousands of people across the globe was born and I named it Dew Drops. I love that I can now share this beautiful product with all of you. I hope you find it as much of a hero as I have

Candy xx