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5 ways to improve your skin glow

5 ways to improve your skin glow

Whats one thing we can comfortably say every single person on the planet wants? Clear Skin ✓ Am I right? 

Confidence comes from within for sure, but there's no doubt that stepping out into this big wide world with a glowing complexion helps give our confidence that extra boost. I mean who knows when you'll be caught off guard and snapped in someones insta story filter free right?!

So with that in mind we've put together our top 5 things you can do to help boost that glow: 


Yeah we know, you already know this. We all know this. But as much as we know it, have you actually had enough water today or have you been too busy and when you stop and think about it you've probably only had about 3-4 glasses? Because girlfriend that isn't enough. We need to drink LOTS of water because it helps flush toxins, and toxins are clear skin enemies as well as being bad for our general health. The thing is not all water is created equal. Drinking filtered water is a must for water quality that isn't going to add more toxins to your body. Tap water contains chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals and more nasties than we can list here.

So I know what you're thinking, ok fiiiine i'll get bottled water.  Well our answer to that would also be no please don't, not when you can help it. FYI filtered water trumps bottled water because even bottled water contains chlorine and chemicals that we don't want to be absorbing into our bodies. The reality is, filtered water really is the king of this fluid castle and an added bonus to that is you're also doing your part in reducing waste by carrying around a filtered water bottle & refilling from the tap. 

So go out and grab yourself some filtered jugs & bottles & get hydrating honey! 

ps. drinking a large glass or bottle of water as soon as you wake up in the morning before eating will help flush toxins that are sitting dormant & settled while you've been sleeping. We love to add a drop or two of lemon Doterra essential oil for a gentle detox effect. 

Our fav filter water bottle is available here


Cleaning your face at night is a bit like washing your hair. You always do the first shampoo to get rid of oils, hair products and pollutants and the second one is the wash that seems to foam up better because its not battling these things and can really get down deep into the roots and give that scalp a good clean. Your face is the same. By the end of each day your skin is covered with environmental pollutants, oil, sunscreen & makeup so our first cleanse is to lift and remove what's sitting on the surface. Our second cleanse is to get deep into those pores and make sure they're nice and clean so we aren't causing blackheads, clogged pores and breakouts. By the time we get to our second cleanse our skin is also a lot softer and more receptive to a deep cleanse.

You only need to cleanse once in the morning, twice at night 


Finding a good one can be hard because they tend to feel quite heavy and greasy on the skin, but there are some great ones coming onto the market including some BB & CC creams with tint. My personal favourite is IT Cosmetics CC Cream which has an SPF of 50+ (ps we'd love to hear what your favourites are) 

Wearing sunscreen is basically your fountain of youth. Not many things age & damage the skin more than the sun, so protecting it is SO IMPORTANT for our health and our glow. Kind of sounds counter productive doesn't it? Wear sunscreen and avoid getting sun kissed to in fact enhance your skin. But it's true. We do need a little vitamin D each day but our bodies can absorb that anywhere our skin is exposed to the sun and the skin is less fragile on the body than it is on the face. Sun damage can lead to pigmentation (and once you get it it's hell to get rid of) premature ageing & dehydration, all of which strip our skin of that natural glow. Slip slop slap baby! 


This should really be in the number 1 spot because its the most important to us. EVERYTHING that we suffer from with our health ailments can be linked back to the gut. We're made up of bacteria cell for cell as much as we are human cells (some experts are even suggesting we're more bacteria than human cells but there is mixed debate on this), so if your microbiome is unhealthy then you can be damn sure the rest of your body is going to suffer. How it chooses to present itself is just a lucky dip. Those with poor gut health may experience physical effects like low energy, urinary infections, bloating, skin conditions, migraines.  You may end up with chronic diseases such as cancer, crohn's, diabetes, alzheimers, auto immune disease. Poor gut health is also proven to have a direct connection with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. A healthy gut quite literally means a healthy body & mind. A healthy body & mind = a well supported nourished inside for a glowing outside.

Here's an easy trick to be more conscious when making choices of what you put in your body: Think of your body like a garden, and for a gorgeous blooming garden you need rich nutrient rich well hydrated soil. The soil isn't the pretty part of the garden but its what keeps it flourishing.  Without the right nutrients it gives bugs & diseases a chance to eat away at all those beautiful plants & flowers because they aren't strong enough to fight them. The same applies to your gut. Its the soil of your body, if you want your body to flourish and bloom then take care of the soil and keep it nutrient rich. 

Here's how to take better care of your gut so you can start attacking bad bacteria & repopulating good bacteria: 

  • DAIRY IS THE DEVIL yeah we know, cheese is life. But our gut hates it and our skin really hates it. Dairy feeds the bad bacteria like its thanksgiving & you're turning on the full spread for feasting. Thankfully there are so many non dairy options these days, hallelujah 
  • SUGAR HAS GOT TO GO sorry. We're the fun police. Refined sugar like dairy feeds our bad bacteria so it allows them to grow and completely overrun our good bacteria. Think of sugar like the white walkers in GOT  (ps omg April 14 bring it onnnn). At the end of the day its all about balance, so just try and make smarter choices. Keeping a bag of frozen blueberries in the freezer is a nice sweet treat that will help the good bacteria fight back, or try some natural fruit sweet teas that are unsweetened when you get the craving for sugar 
  • PROBIOTICS EVERY DAY taking a great quality probiotic daily will do its part in protecting your gut flora. Don't just reserve these for post antibiotics like most people do (antibiotics destroy our gut health FYI), make it part of your daily routine and pop a pill or two every morning or add a probiotic powder to your morning smoothie or juice 


When people say get your beauty sleep they ain't playin'. Sleep helps regulate our hormones, allows our cells to repair & regenerate and even helps balance oil & hydration levels. Have you ever noticed when you stay up super late till the AM your skin seems a tad oilier than usual or dehydrated depending on which way you swing? And try and tell me that when you've pulled an all nighter you don't look sullen, dull & pale. That's because when we sleep is when our body does it's best work. It's like having millions of little workers in there doing night shift and trying to repair and fix anything that needs maintenance. Fun fact: between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM is when our bodies produce the greatest amount of melatonin. Melatonin triggers the release of collagen stimulation. In complete contrast to this lack of sleep produces cortisol, a stress hormone that creates inflammation in the body.  Bottom line, get your zzzz's in honey 

It's not in our top 5 because it goes without saying. Eating a nutrient rich whole food diet is going to result in better health and better skin 


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